“I Hate You Foreigners:” White Woman Goes On Racist Rant After Allegedly Hitting Cars


An old white woman who was allegedly caught on video hitting two cars outside of an apartment complex responded to being called out for it by going on a racist, xenophobic rant.

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Footage of the interaction was shared to Reddit over the weekend, starting with the woman telling the people recording to “go back to Spain.”

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When the woman sees that she’s being recorded, she says that she doesn’t give a f—k and goes right back to being xenophobic.

“My family has been here since 1904!” she says. “You people don’t belong here! You shouldn’t be here!”

The white woman laments that she “can’t stand it anymore” before the woman recording tries to focus back on the actual issue.

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“You hit two cars,” she says. “I have you on video. You hit the car behind you and the one next to you.”

The white woman denies it and tells the other woman to “go f—k yourself.”

“Okay, I will. Thank you,” the other woman responds.

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“That’s what you deserve, to go f—k yourself with him,” the angry white lady says. “I hate you. Get out of the building. Get out of here. I hate you foreigners.”

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It’s incredibly disturbing that a woman called out on her own bad acts would respond with a lengthy rant filled with hatred and prejudice, even if it may not be completely surprising. 

Redditors commenting on the video were also quick to point out that despite the woman’s apparent pride at her ancestors having been in this country since 1904, that wasn’t actually such a long time ago.

“1904 wasn’t that long ago and if you’re old as f—k, then it’s even less impressive since it means that the earliest generation of your family to have been born here was most likely your grandparents,” wrote u/sinclairish.

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Another user said that their relatives who came over to America in the 1800s were also “treated like s—t” — “These dumb f—ks will always find a reason to tell people to go back to wherever.”

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“And by her double standard her family didn’t belong there either at some time,” added u/PeterNinkempoop. “Just didn’t go home. The ignorance is wonderful.”