Viral TikTok Shows How Bad America Looks Compared To Other Countries During COVID-19

screenshots from a tiktok video

TikTok user @blakepavey uploaded a video to TikTok where he impersonates countries around the world and their approach to COVID-19.

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Blake filmed it as a round table, with New Zealand, Australia, the UK, Russia, and Ireland all discussing how they have handled the outbreak and their plans for reopening.

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The TikTok begins with Blake impersonating Australia and saying “Welcome to the COVID-19 update meeting…” and checks in with the above countries. All countries seem to be doing OK and are ready to slowly reopen!

…and then there is the United States of America.

Wearing a Karen-esque wig, “America” admits to the rest of the countries that the United States has an average of 2,600 cases an hour.

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“And you guys think I am bad guy,” Blake exclaims as Russia.

Then, Blake dons his best U.S. impersonation: “I have RIGHTS! I ain’t wearin’ A MASK!!!”


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On TikTok, it received 5.6 million views, with nearly a million likes. Over on Twitter, the video received 4.5 million views and a lot of commentary regarding the United States verses… literally everywhere else on the planet.

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People loved Blake’s America impression so much he made a second video showcasing how ridiculous America looks for prioritizing banning TikTok over *gestures broadly* literally everything else.


GLOBAL UPDATE: TIKTOK BAN (Insta/YouTube – blakepavey – Links in bio) #aus #usa #canada #viral #comedy #foryou #tiktokban #pov #viral #funny #america

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