“Would It Hurt Y’all To Tip Us?”—UberEats Driver’s Emotional Video Sheds Spotlight On Unfair Pay

During the pandemic, many people relied on delivery in order to get food. And in urban areas, food delivery workers are pretty much a mainstay. If you’re a decent person, you likely tip your delivery person a fair amount—but unfortunately, a lot of people can be stingy.

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Drawing attention to the issue of both bad tippers as well as unethical industry standards, an Uber Eats driver shared an emotional video to TikTok revealing he had just driven an hour to get a person their food and received a very low tip.

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In tears, TikTok user @deliveryguy100 explained: “I just spent an hour driving around for $1.19 tip. Would it hurt y’all to tip us? Throw us $5?”

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Meanwhile, he says Uber Eats only pays him $2 to make the delivery.

“That’s not even enough to cover gas,” he said.

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The video went viral, with folks commenting on how it’s atrocious that companies like Uber Eats don’t pay more.

“Why does the burden always fall on the consumers instead of these corporations?” someone wrote. “I really don’t get America’s culture.”

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Featured Image: TikTok