Trump’s YouTube Streamed Someone Mocking Giuliani’s Hair Dye


Rudy Giuliani’s melting hair dye was the talk of Twitter on Thursday. Make no mistake — his press conference was embarrassing for a variety of reasons, including the number of conspiracy theories and lies he paraded around in this absurd attempt at stealing the election for Donald Trump. But watching his bad dye job trickle slowly down the sides of his face will be an image many never forget.

And apparently even Trump’s people were making fun of the former New York City mayor behind closed doors.

People assumed to be members of the president’s social media team appeared to accidentally leave their audio on during a livestream as they were mocking Giuliani’s appearance during the press conference. Journalist Oliver Willis captured the moment, though others confirmed they heard it happen live, on Trump’s official YouTube channel.

The clip shows Giuliani standing by as fellow lawyer Sidney Powell makes yet another baseless claim about election fraud.

“You see f—king Rudy’s hair dye dripping down his face?” someone on the president’s livestream asks, laughing.

The incredulity the anonymous person expresses over Giuliani’s melting is relatable, as much of the internet reacted in a similar manner.

But of course, the part where this was captured from Trump’s official YouTube channel just makes it all so much better. It’s nearly impossible to believe anyone still takes Giuliani seriously after the Borat debacle and the Four Seasons Total Landscaping fiasco, not to even get into his actual political choices and the lying he’s doing on Trump’s behalf, but to hear the president’s own people mock him is just so extra.

The entire livestream has since been deleted from Trump’s YouTube channel — though, let’s be honest, that could just as easily have been due to how embarrassing the press conference was even without the added commentary.