Trump Claims Nobody Has Done More For Christianity and ‘Religion Itself’ Than Him

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Donald Trump is still singing his own praises, recently claiming that he’s done more for religion than not just any previous President of the United States, but anyone ever.

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The disgraced one-term ex-leader called in to chat during the show FlashPoint on Christian network The Victory Channel.

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“There are between 90 and 100 million evangelicals in America,” host Gene Bailey said. “And as you know, our FlashPoint audience is a highly motivated part of that group. What’s your message to them? How should they stay engaged with you and the nation during this tumultuous time?”

Rather than answer the question and try to give actual, albeit unneeded, advice, Trump did what he always does and immediately turned things around to brag about how he’s just the bestest bestie best best former president ever.

“So nobody has done more for Christianity or for evangelicals or for religion itself than I have,” he replied.

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If anything, he brought out the worst of evangelicals and made more Americans see how dangerous and delusional they can be when trying to get what they want and force their own beliefs and morals onto the rest of society, so in that sense, perhaps what he’s saying has some truth to it.

And sure, Trump went on to cite policies he changed or rescinded during his time in office to make it easier for Christian organizations to try to use their influence to impact politics.

He also complained that he gets more credit for all the things he’s done for Israel from the evangelical community than he does with the Jewish people. “Nobody has done so much for Israel as I have, as you know,” he said.

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Naturally, the sorest loser in the country would never miss an opportunity to spread his favorite lie — that the election was rigged and that’s the only reason he lost.

“And just like [the Biden administration] cheated on the election, the election was rigged, just like that happened they also cheated very much on what they really think of organized religion and religion and frankly Christianity,” Trump declared.

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