Tomi Lahren Gets Dragged After Mocking Joe Biden For Wearing A Mask

tomi lahren biden mask

The news cycle has been moving at a dizzying pace, and if things weren’t already crazy enough, now Fox Nation host Toyota Lasagna—err, are we still calling her that? Apologies! Tomi Lahren has jumped into the fray.

To quickly recap: In the space of just one week, President Donald Trump debated former Vice President Joe Biden and mocked the democratic candidate for responsibly wearing a mask to prevent the spread and transmission of COVID-19.

Then, as we now know, the following day Trump tested positive for the virus, and—after infecting god knows how many people, including those sycophants closest to him—did a whirlwind tour of the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center before returning to the White House, where he now says he is fine*.

(*He is very likely not fine.)

The takeaway that karma is clearly trying to make here, is that no one is immune from the coronavirus and everyone needs to just shut up and wear a mask, already.

And yet…

Hopped up on dexamethasone steroids, Trump returned to the White House on Monday evening, where he boldly stripped his mask off before reporters. Biden’s campaign quickly pounced on the viral moment to contrast the two leadership styles—before Tomi Lahren felt the need to weigh in.

“Might as well carry a purse with that mask, Joe,” Lahren tweeted, not doing herself any favors.

So what, exactly, is the point Lahren is trying to make here? That men who wear masks are somehow weak and emasculated? Last time we checked, only one of them had recently been hospitalized for contracting a potentially deadly disease that could have easily been prevented by wearing a damn mask.

It didn’t take long for Lahren’s staggering self-own to go viral, as people began piling on to ridicule her and attempt to educate her about toxic masculinity.

There were also many variations of the same joke:

But to perhaps best sum the whole thing up:

If recent polls are any indication, people seem to want a president who takes a pandemic that has killed nearly a quarter of a million Americans seriously. So good luck with that strategy, Tomi Lahren!