Trolling TikToker Snuck Pro-Birth Control Products Onto Hobby Lobby Shelves

Hobby Lobby has become a shockingly controversial arts and crafts destination over recent years, from refusing to allow employees access to birth control under their health insurance allegedly due to religious beliefs (because corporations are people) to asking to be allowed to discriminate against LGBTQ people to that whole smuggling saga.

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As such, it’s not a place for which anyone who isn’t deeply entrenched in conservative beliefs holds much fondness. They often find themselves the subject of boycott campaigns and internet ire — and understandably so.

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But a TikToker decided to take that frustration with Hobby Lobby to the next level and actually troll her local store in person.

Anneke Roberts, who goes by @anneke618 ok TikTok, filmed herself and her friend dropping a bunch of products they made to look like other items sold by the store onto its shelves, although Anneke’s work espouses very different beliefs than what Hobby Lobby stands for.

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By the time Anneke and her friend were done, that Michigan store featured a clock that reminded people “Take Your Birth Control,” a little animal bank marked “Plan B Fund,” a canister for “Preggy Tests,” and even a decorative sign informing visitors that “In this house we can’t cook, charge they phone, eat at mcdonalds, twerk, be bisexual, eat hot chip, & lie,” in reference to a well-known copypasta.


This one is for not letting your employees get birth control with their insurance ???????????? @samantha_b450 #droplifting #daerunn

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And Anneke wants to be clear about why she went to the trouble.

“This one is for not letting your employees get birth control with their insurance,” she captioned the video.

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Commenters were in awe of the commitment it took to make everything happened.

“I just want to know how you get the items IN without the cashiers at the door noticing,” wrote one TikTok user.

“This is the type of anarchy I can get behind,” shared another.

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This is far from the first time Anneke has done this sort of thing, at Hobby Lobby or other stores. Other videos show her dropping off products ranging from a rainbow that just says “GAY SEX” to a dinosaur figurine promoting communism.

And while customers in store may have some trouble if they talk Anneke’s items up to the cash register for purchase, anyone interested in these subversive takes on suburban home good staples can check out her etsy shop and buy them for real.