CEO Berates And Fires Unpaid Intern For Not Messaging Him Over The Weekend, Leaked Video Call Shows


A former intern shocked TikTok users the other day when he showed video of his ex-boss tech CEO Lawrence Griffith, berating him during a meeting.

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Jon (@afromanpower), who claims he is a former unpaid intern at the company Digital Factory, posted the video. During the film, viewers see Digital Factory’s Founder and CEO Griffith cursing at Jon over a Zoom call with another employee.

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Lawrence Griffith, CEO of Digital Factory in Chicago verbally abusing an HR associate for almost 3 minutes straight for missing a phone call because hes a school student. #workabuse #badmanagement #badmanager #disrespectful #abuse #abuseawareness❤️ #verbalabuse #digitalfactorychicago #firelawrencegriffith #abuseintheworkplace #unprofessional #eattherich

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“Have you lost your f*cking mind?” the CEO says in the video. “No, no, no, no. This ain’t how sh*t works. It don’t work like that…Normal etiquette is that you say something. You don’t just say nothing, that’s not how this sh*t works….That sh*t is rude as f*ck. Do you understand that?”

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Apparently, Griffith was upset because the intern did not call him back in a quick manner.

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“I’m sorry that you feel that way. I just knew we were going to get together today,” the intern says. “You’re getting really upset…You’re not going to talk to people crazy, Lawrence. C’mon. You gotta relax.”

“You’re sorry I feel that way?… Jonathan, you’re talking to the wrong guy right now. You’re done. You’re fired. Bye,” says the CEO.

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The video was captioned: “What happens when you work a toxic work environment. He cussed me out and tried to belittle me. He has a history of doing this to other Unpaid Interns within the company. I’m just the only one really saying something about it.”

The Daily Dot spoke with Jonathan, who explained that he had to delete the original TikTok because he’s “just too poor to fight this organization to the bitter end.”

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The video is unfortunately another reminder that employees, especially unpaid interns, are too often treated like garbage and expected to be super-powered despite working other jobs and having other life responsibilities.

The TikToker noted as much, saying to The Daily Dot, that he hopes he can help shift the narrative about abuse in the workplace: “We need to change the culture…Younger generations want more. You want more from us, we want more from you.”

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