21 Things Poor People Loved Before Rich People “Ruined” Them

Redditors are talking about things that not-so-wealthy people used to absolutely love before they were discovered by the rich.

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You may be shocked to find out how many trendy foods and clothing brands were always popular, but only for those in a lower income bracket.

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(Ugh, rich people ruin EVERYTHING. Y’all would have never even tried oxtail if it wasn’t priced at $20 a dish at your new hipster restaurant in the neighborhood you gentrified.)

Redditor hpbojoe kicked off the conversation when they asked:

“What was loved by poor people until rich people ruined it?”

And the responses are full of things a lot of people would have never even heard of if it weren’t perfected and loved first by poor folks.

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1. Coastal Living

“Living near the coast used to be a poor people thing a long time ago.” –PioneerDingus

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2. Vinyl

“Vinyl collecting. It was a dead, cheap to get into industry as a hobby. Now come and get your $50 RSD special jizz splatter Chet Baker EP.” –TRex_N_Truex

3. “Poor People Food”

“All types of what was traditionally “poor people food”—pork belly, oxtails, etc. All the things that used to be cheap because they were considered to be the trash parts. Now that people realize how delicious they can be, it’s driven the price up.” –keesouth

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4. Thrifting

“Thrift stores.” –rinaldiisevil

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5. Cheap Eats

“Donuts, cupcakes, hamburgers, wings that have all been given the “foodie” treatment and went from good cheap eats to gourmet pricing without a corresponding increase in quality.” –SonofSniglet

6. Avocados

“Avocados have become so popular that the locals can no longer afford them.” –Electronic_Speech563

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7. Theater

“Theater used to be the entertainment for the masses and now it’s ridiculously expensive and inaccessible to most people.” –teethwizardmanperson

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8. Old Cars

“Classic cars.” –aminalsarefriends

9. Brooklyn

“Brooklyn.” –reason2listen

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10. Tybee Island

“Tybee Island, GA AKA the “Redneck Riviera” used to be a place where one could get a house close to the beach for a relatively low price, until rich movie stars started buying there.” –roadwobbler

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11. Champion

“The Champion brand. I remember goodwill and Walmart selling their champion stuff for cheap, now it’s “designer” and it costs so much more now.” –savarsquez

12. Housing

“Affordable housing.” –retardedelephants

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13. Trucks

“$80,000 for a truck is nuts.” –wfiboyfriend69

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14. Camping

“It used to cost close to nothing to reserve a campsite (some are still cheap) but now they’ve gone all boujee and some sites charge you ridiculous fees to pitch a tent in the woods. Same with music festivals in the forests. People would go to get away from bullshit societal hierarchies and enjoys music and self-expression. Then they got all mainstream and it lost its original meaning (think Burning Man).” –porquenolosdo2

15. Vegan Food

“When it became a trend the label vegan made it 50% more expensive. There was a huge scandal in the late 2000s when it was reveal most pizza shops didn’t use real cheese, because plant-based was cheaper. Today vegan cheese 200% compared to normal cheese.” –HiopXenophil

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16. The Outdoors

“So many places used to be difficult to get to, required some level of toughness and grit just to see. More and more people argue that they are entitled to see these places without that, and they’re flooding in, paving roads, cramming parking lots full, and trampling some of the most pristine, delicate, untouched areas of the world. I’m not trying to gate keep these places, but nature sure was.” –Printem

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17. Minimalist Lifestyles

“The ‘minimalist’ lifestyle. You’re a multi-millionaire yet for some reason you live in some squeaky clean, show home apartment with brushed metal everything, and own almost literally nothing. You call this “liberating”, when the reality is lots of people genuinely can’t afford that apartment or indeed any contents for it.” –Herbert_Anchovy

18. BBQ

“Ribs, wings, barbecue in general.” –threedogafternoon

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19. Money (LOL)

“Money.” –Salutational

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20. Living In Cars

“Maybe not so much “loved” but with housing being the way it is, living out of a car/van is one of the only ways people can get by. The rich trying to capitalize on the boho lifestyle and how “freeing” it is to go so minimal is gross when the people in the car beside them are just trying to get by. People can’t afford rent and a car to get to work, somehow rich people stepped in to make that look appealing.” –Bottleofapplesauce

21. Carhart

“Carhart clothing.” –Octafuzzy