20 Things Americans ‘Aren’t Ready To Hear’ According To Non-Americans

things americans aren't ready to hear

When you’ve lived in one place for most of your life, the systems that are in place and the way things are done might seem like the right and only way. However, there is a big world out there and everyone takes a different approach.

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In a recent Reddit thread, users chimed in to discuss the big and small things that happen in America but are strange in the rest of the world, after someone asked:

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“Redditors from foreign countries, what’s something us Americans aren’t ready to hear?”

The responses range from accents and sugar consumption to things like military fetishization and the lack of free healthcare. These answers definitely show how different things are in other parts of the world.

Here are 20 of the most popular answers.

1. Let’s talk about trains

Why don’t you have more trains?


2. Food waste

The amount of food you waste is insane.

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3. Lobbying

Lobbying is essentially legal bribery.

It baffles me how every elected official is essentially sponsored by a bunch of companies or “movements” that are essentially comporations in disguise.

Also, corporations don’t care about you. At all.


4. Healthcare

It’s okay to have healthcare not tied to your employment with a massive fat middleman in between.


5. Bathroom stalls

American bathroom stalls are exposed as fuck, a grown man could crawl under one of em and the vertical gap has a big enough gap to make full on eye contact with anyone walking by.

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6. Inferior food

A lot of your favourite food brands make better versions of their products here. America often gets the short end of the stick.


7. World Series

The world series only happens in the U.S.


8. All the sweetness

You all eat too much of sugar.

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9. President

Treating your president like someone you worship is bizarre.


10. Taxes

The way you add tax to everything at the till is mental. Just tell me what it costs on the fricking label!