Texas Woman Screams At Receptionist Over Positive COVID Test


A short video in which a woman denies the results of her COVID-19 test by screaming obscenities at a receptionist has people up in arms.

According to a post on Reddit’s PublicFreakout page, the incident occurred in Dallas, Texas, on Monday. 

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When the clip starts, the woman is already in the midst of yelling at a very patient receptionist because her surgery is apparently going to be canceled thanks to a positive COVID-19 test.

“That says I was positive and then negative, and I was not positive,” the woman says, pointing to a piece of paper. 

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The receptionist references the paper as well, and says that it’s “canceled,” possibly referring to the surgery in question, to which the woman calls her “f—king stupid.”

For the second time in the short clip, the receptionist offers to “give them a call” to try to sort things out, but the woman resolutely refuses.

“You’re probably going to say ‘She was positive and then negative,’” she claims. “Y’all don’t even know what the hell you’re doing.”

“Why would I say that?” the receptionist asks.

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“Because you’re stupid. Y’all are f—king idiots.”

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The video is short enough that there are a lot of details we’re missing — including whether this woman eventually got kicked right out of the office — but one thing that’s painfully clear is that she was all too eager to berate the receptionist over something it sounds like had nothing to do with her.

“The thing that always bothers me about these videos is how easy their ugliness rolls off their tongues,” u/Girth_rulez pointed out. “I know they have a lot of practice at this.”

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“I can’t believe people put up with it. It screams USA to me where the ‘customer is always right,’” u/-nrd- added.

Unfortunately for the internet sleuths itching to focus their investigations on a new Karen, the woman’s face is never seen and it’s difficult to tell anything about the office itself, so we’ll probably never learn more about this ridiculous incident, other than the fact that it really didn’t need to go down like that.