Ted Cruz Is Even Getting Roasted By His Hero, Actor Cary Elwes


Everyone hates Ted Cruz, it seems. He’s hated by his colleagues for many reasons, but especially for inciting a riot at the Capitol building on January 6th. He was hated by his college roommate. He’s hated by Seth Rogen.

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Rogen seems to mostly think about making pottery, smoking weed, and hating Ted Cruz, and he’s devoted a lot of time on Twitter to the last thing. And Cruz is hated by many people in the country, even other Republicans.

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Now, we all know he is hated by actor Cary Elwes, who is best known for his role in The Princess Bride. Maybe also his role in Saw, but that film had a very different energy—not a kid’s classic film.

Cruz first got Elwes’ attention when he criticized the cast of The Princess Bride for raising money for the Democratic party in the Fall of 2020:
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Apparently, the author of the book hated Cruz, too:
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And Elwes tried to suggest Cruz could be saved if he turned his back on Trump, which obviously didn’t happen:

Recently, on his own podcast, Cruz made sweeping generalizations about good guys and bad guys, referencing Watchmen and the Avengers. He clearly didn’t understand either, and showrunners and writers responded to his obliviousness. So did Elwes:

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In response, Cruz shared a signed photo addressed to him of Elwes, suggesting the actor was the one who signed it:
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Elwes responded by saying, “Nah you can keep it as a reminder of how tragic it is that you had to have someone forge your name. Which makes sense since you are a forgery.”
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People on Twitter lost it over Elwes’ allegation that Ted Cruz signed the photograph himself.

Wow. Ted Cruz is a masochist for getting roasted by his own heroes. Remember when Trump called his wife ugly? We all do.