AOC Shreds “Craven” Ted Cruz For Inciting Capitol Riot—Then Pulls Receipts When He Calls Her A “Liar”


In the lead-up to January 6th, it wasn’t only Donald Trump who was encouraging the MAGA crowd to come to D.C. to disrupt the electoral vote ratification. Helping him along were a number of Republicans, including his former presidential competitor, Texas Senator Ted Cruz.

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Despite the verbal abuse and insults Trump has directed towards the senator and—most notably—his wife Heidi, Cruz remains his faithful lackey.

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Before the rioters actually stormed the Capitol building, Cruz was in Congress arguing about the validity of the electoral votes Joe Biden won in Arizona. Before that, he was inciting those rioters with encouragement to "protest" the fair results of the elections.

And when he released a statement saying how sad he was about the following destruction and deaths, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez called him out for fundraising during the riot:

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In yet another mistake in a long series of mistakes, Ted Cruz decided to call AOC a liar:

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Of course, she's not, as is well documented. Ocasio-Cortez immediately shared a text that she received from his campaign during the siege:

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AOC isn't the only person to have observed the texts coming from the Cruz campaign.

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The senator has alleged that the message was not approved by him, but "from a firm," according to the Texas Tribune. That doesn't explain this video of Cruz inciting people to come to D.C.:

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Once again, it's not surprising that Ted Cruz is the real liar. It's mostly shocking he doesn't think anyone can prove it.