Steve Martin Shows Off His Hilarious Mike Pence Halloween Costume

steve martin

The moment that stole last week’s vice presidential debate was undoubtedly when a fly up and landed on Vice President Mike Pence’s pearly white head for an agonizing two entire minutes. Fly memes quickly proliferated social media, and pundits joked about it on cable news shows. And now that actor and comedian Steve Martin revealed his Halloween costume, it seems evident that the fly isn’t going away anytime soon.

“My Halloween costume arrived!” tweeted the 75-year-old star of The Jerk.

There’s just so wholesome and perfect about Martin’s costume. Though he doesn’t want to enforce “praying the gay away” or turning women into handmaids—one thing Steve Martin does have in common with Mike Pence is the crisp white head of hair that’s been the comic’s trademark throughout most of his career.

So when Twitter got a look at Martin’s costume, people were naturally stoked, and quickly began responding to Martic’s tweet with jokes and memes.

Even the Pence’s Fly Twitter account got in on the fun:

It’s unclear if Steve Martin’s costume had anything to do with a tweet from a few days earlier, in which he announced that he had just discovered Etsy.

A quick search of the DIY boutique website turns up no shortage of Pence’s fly merch, anyway, including at least one listing for 3-D plastic flies. Love to see it.