Capitol Rioter Who Went To “Find Me A Proud Boy” Gets Arrested

stephanie baez capitol

Six months after the attack on the Capitol, and rioters are still being arrested for the roles they played on that dark day.

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Stephanie Baez is among the latest to find herself being held accountable for her alleged crimes.

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Baez gained attention during the siege for saying on camera that she loves and “wants to find [herself] a Proud Boy,” before sharing her Instagram handle for the guy recording to “put it in the Proud Boy chat.”

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Multiple videos and photos showed Baez inside the Capitol during the riot, and she appeared to confirm as much on her Instagram account later.

However, she also claimed that she didn’t break the law “since we are legally allowed into the Capitol Building,” and said that going to jail would just “[push] the movement for our cause more.”

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Several Twitter users responded to the news of Baez’s arrest by saying they reported her when the FBI was looking for information on Capitol rioters.

And Baez herself reportedly told another Instagram user that storming the Capitol is her “proudest moment,” despite it resulting in the FBI seeking her out.

“Just sucks they used such a horrible pic, I want to send them the one of me in my USA bikini and be like, ‘here, please use this at least lol.’”

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The photo of Baez from the riot shows her wearing a shirt featuring George Orwell and the caption “Boy, did I call it or what?” proving for the nth time that many Republicans really don’t understand Orwell.

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