Sharon Stone Shares Family’s Struggles With COVID-19: “Don’t Vote For A Killer”

Sharon Stone is opening up about how COVID-19 is affecting her family, and it’s a brief harrowing insight into the damage this virus is doing all across the United States.

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The Basic Instinct actress had previously shared that her younger sister, Kelly, is in a COVID room at a hospital in Montana, fighting for her life. What she hadn’t mentioned was that her brother-in-law is also at the hospital in a separate room, also struggling to survive.

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Kelly already had a compromised immune system thanks to Lupus when she came down with the coronavirus. Knowing that she was at higher risk for adverse effects from the virus, she and her husband had played it safe, going only to the pharmacy, according to Sharon.

“They stayed at home as long as they could,” she said.

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They don’t know when or where or how exactly Kelly came down with COVID-19, because testing is so inaccessible, despite the government repeatedly insisting the opposite.

“In Montana, where they live, you can’t get tested unless you’re symptomatic, and then you don’t get your test results for five days,” Sharon said in a new Instagram video. “Also, the people that they came in contact with, like my mother, who’s had two heart attacks, five stints, and a pacemaker in the last five months, couldn’t get a test because she wasn’t symptomatic even though she could have been their asymptomatic contact that gave them COVID.”

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Kelly and Bruce aren’t the only members of Sharon’s family who have faced coronavirus. Both her grandmother and her godmother previously came down with the disease earlier on. Neither survived.

“They keep saying that the risks are so small, and that you might not die, and that it’ll be fine. But I’m telling you what’s going on with my family. My grandmother died of COVID, and my godmother died of COVID. My sister and her husband are fighting for their lives, and my sister is not doing well,” she said.

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Sharon had no kind words for the people who are shirking their responsibilities as human beings by not taking the pandemic seriously, or by actively working to lessen whatever meager requirements are in place in a desperate attempt to help keep people safe.

While the nurses and doctors at the Montana hospital are undoubtedly doing their best to treat her family, she says they themselves are unable to be tested and are struggling to deal with people’s dismissal of COVID-19 as a serious threat.

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“The stress, the strain, the exhaustion that’s happening in that hospital is met with the conflict around the courthouse, where people are carrying guns, and saying that it’s their freedom not to have to wear a mask,” Sharon said.

“When they say there are tests for everyone, they’re lying. When they say there are tests even for the nurses in the hospitals, they’re lying. People are dying and fighting for their lives, because there’s nothing but lies.”

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In conclusion, she urged people to get out there and vote — and not for Trump.

“The only thing that’s going to change this is if you vote. And if you vote for Biden and if you vote for Kamala Harris,” Sharon said. “And the reason that’s going to happen is because with women in power, we will fight for our families. We will fight for people to live, and we will fight for people to get tested. Because the only countries that are doing well with COVID are the ones that have women in leadership.

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“Please vote. And please, whatever you do, don’t vote for a killer.”