“Salon Karen” Tries To Hit Stylist In Viral Video—But Still Wants Her To Finish Dye Job

Do you have COVID hair? At this point, I look like a witch because I just can’t bring myself to go to the salon. And maybe that’s a good thing, because there are some wild people flocking to hairstylists right now. Sharon Spellman, a hairstylist, recently shared a run-in she had with an abusive client who threw a Karen-style temper tantrum in the middle of her appointment.

Spellman uploaded the footage from the salon’s security camera to her Instagram, and it’s now gone viral. In the video, Spellman’s client makes it clear that she does not want Spellman’s assistant, who is Hispanic, to finish her color touch-ups. She then threw a fit and tried to hit Spellman. Yeah, I’ll keep trimming my bangs with the scissor from the knife block.

The woman getting her hair colored is named Robin. And she became very emotional when Spellman explained why her assistant would finish the color job. But then Robin started behaving so badly that Spellman had to remind her where she was: “You have half your color on, and you’re going to talk to me like that? Robin!” Then Robin threatened to leave before trying to hit Spellman.

“RACIST CLIENT TRIED TO HIT ME!” Spellman wrote on her Instagram. “ROBIN IS THE NEW KAREN Y’ALL!!!! Hair Stylists & allll customer service workers, BEWARE! This behavior really is out there!! This all happened because my Hispanic assistant was going to finish her root touch-up!! I do not condone racism, violence, or disrespect!!!! I will always stand up for what is RIGHT! I understand people are going through their own hardships but, WE ALL ARE! That is not an excuse to treat others poorly!!! PS…I was able to obtain all this footage via my security camera. Everyone stay safe out there. The world is CRAZY!”

After the video went viral, Spellman took to Instagram Live to further explain what happened.

“She was the client in the salon — prior to me working at the salon — that was getting passed around because nobody could handle her energies. She would sometimes kind of be out of line towards other people in the salon, and I would look at her, and I would be like, “Robin, that’s not very nice. We can’t talk to people that way,'” Spellman said.

While Robin has been Spellman’s client for over a year, I think it’s safe to say that Robin might have to find a new stylist after the stunt she pulled.