Reckless “Karen” Pulls Gun On Black Man After Fender Bender In Florida


A minor collision near Tampa, Florida, concluded with shots fired after a reckless “Karen” pulled a gun on the Black man who approached her car.

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A man in the vehicle behind the accident videotaped approximately 10 minutes of footage, exhibiting the reckless Karen needlessly pointing her gun at the other man as cars slowed around the intersection in a Tampa suburb. u/shankliest¬†posted¬†the video on Reddit’s r/IdiotsInCars page.

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In the video, she tells the man to “stay the f*ck back.” The parties do not appear to know each other. The reckless Karen’s friend tries to coax her into letting the situation go.

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The videographer asks the woman to get back in her car, and that he has a 5-month old at home. To his credit, he says, “I have to stay for this,” understanding documenting the altercation might save the man’s life.

The man filming the altercation described the entire incident for one of the officers.

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According to the videographer, the two cars’ drivers appeared to get into a minor accident in one of the intersection’s left-turn lanes. The Black man got out and approached the vehicle in front; however, the reckless Karen promptly stepped out of her car with a gun.

“She follows him around here. He takes off running towards this median over here, back to her, and she fires a shot at him,” the man filming told the officer. “His back was turned, and he had no weapons on him.”

The gunshot, though, wasn’t captured on camera.

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“I don’t care about context here; firing a weapon at or near traffic should get her ass locked up,” Redditor u/OlScratchJohnson commented. “I saw that gun being pointed at multiple cars that probably had nothing to do with this.”

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Additionally, many Redditors saw that the cops assumed the Black man created the issue, instantly profiling him. Officers demanded the man put his hands above his head and back away immediately.

According to the original poster, the reckless Karen was not charged with any crime at the scene.