Passenger Goes Off On Flight Attendant For Allegedly Being Rude To His Wife

@drewalden75 / TikTok via Daily Mail

Haven’t we all learned not to be total dicks in public again?

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Guess not, because I have here a tale of a Qantas passenger who was kicked off a flight to Australia for swearing at the cabin crew on September 20th. He claims that the crew was rude to his wife and kids, making the children cry.

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The passenger and his entire family were removed from the flight, which was going from Denpasar to Sydney. They were taken off because they abused the crew “a number of times”.

The man was caught in a video telling a flight attendant, “tell them to come apologise. I am telling you right now you are being rude, and it’s f****** disgusting.”

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He goes on, “They made her cry, and she’s crying because they were being rude to her with a newborn baby, apologize. Tell them to come apologise now. It’s so disgusting what they did to her.”

The altercation escalated and the flight attendant told the man that the police were going to remove him from the flight.

drewalden75 / TikTok via Daily Mail
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“I’m sorry we are not taking you. The police are here,” says the Qantas flight attendant.

The man snorts back, “Bring them here. You can force my kids out if you want to. You are making my wife cry, and now you are getting angry at me.”

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The flight attendant explained, “Unfortunately, sir, you were swearing at my crew. Unfortunately, we can’t take you. I told you sir, you were swearing at my crew. You can’t upset my crew.”

But the man snapped back, “You’re getting angry at my wife because both of them (their kids) are double teething. You can’t upset my family and kids. What are you on about? You can’t upset my crew. My wife is crying.”

“Tell security to come and take me by the balls. Get out of my face,” he concluded.

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The staff walked off for the second time, but the man yelled at them again.

“Who do you think you are? You aren’t the police, why are you talking to me like you’re someone,” he yelled. “Do you think you are a prince or something?”

A Qantas spokesperson said that the crew followed procedure and the man may face a travel ban.

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“These passengers were removed from the aircraft after abusing our crew a number of times prior to the flight departing Bali,” said the spokesperson.

“The safety of our customers and crew is our number one priority and we do not tolerate any kind of abusive behavior. We ask customers to follow the direction of crew for the safety and comfort of everyone on board.”

drewalden75 / TikTok via Daily Mail
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The footage divided the public, however.

“He’s right. I would do the same thing if someone disrespected my family,” one person wrote in the comments.

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“I understand his intentions, standing up for a lady. But he should have gone about it differently,” wrote another.

Written by Kate Hackett

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