In Twitter Thread, Nurse Describes COVID Severity To Denier In ICU

YouTube/NBC News

Though COVID cases are surging worldwide, one of the worst metro areas hit is El Paso, Texas. According to KTMS, El Paso County, with about 840,000 people, now has more confirmed active cases (34,487) than the neighboring country of Mexico (23,284), which has 129 million residents.

An El Paso-based nurse named Ashley, @TheBlondeRN on Twitter, shared a thread about her time in a COVID unit. 

Starting the thread, she says, “I resigned from my job last week and I’ve been asked several times, ‘What was the breaking point?'” 

She describes a specific case, with one patient who believed the COVID crisis was overblown, even as he suffered from the virus in a hospital.

She’s flabbergasted, as expected. “With cases going up by more than a thousand every day in El Paso, some 76,000 people have now been infected,” states a recent BBC report. That’s about the same number of confirmed cases as in the whole of Greece or Libya.”

“Data shows 1,120 El Paso residents are currently in hospital with the virus, and this number is expected to rise. That means that of all the Covid patients in hospital across the state of Texas, one in six is in El Paso, according to the latest figures. A total of 782 people are known to have died.”

And yet, people like this patient can’t understand the scope. Ashley was undeterred.

According to the Texas Tribune, El Paso’s city morgue is “so overwhelmed by the number of people dying from COVID-19 that inmates from the county’s detention facility are being brought in to assist with the overflow of bodies awaiting autopsy.”