Nurse Explains Why Greedy Hospitals ‘Think You’re Stupid’ In Viral TikTok

In the US, many folks are fed up with the healthcare system. Whether it’s dealing with insurance, being unable to get an appointment in a timely fashion, feeling like doctors don’t take their pain seriously — it seems like an overhaul is necessary to make everyone’s lives a little easier.

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One nurse named Christy, who has become popular on TikTok, quit her job recently and has taken to the platform to speak about the problems she has seen and experienced while working in healthcare. She recently released a video about price transparency, demonstrating that many hospitals in America are only concerned with money and not patient care.

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After eight years working as a nurse, Christy decided she would rather expose corrupt systems than work within them. And of course, it should be noted that many healthcare workers are dedicated and caring, wanting only the best for their patients. But Christy isn’t talking about them.

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Christy explained, “If you want to know how stupid hospitals think you are, watch this video until the end. If you’ve seen my pricing transparency video, you know that back in January, there was a requirement placed on hospitals that they needed to publish the prices of their common procedures so the public could see. It is almost the end of August, and less than 10% of hospitals are compliant with this.”

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Then she showed what the hospital put on their website:

“We haven’t invested our resources into this because it provides something that will only be useful for our competitors. We aren’t in it for them. We are in it for you and believe you deserve to know what’s important…”

“Patients are going into crippling debt. Medical debt is the number one cause of bankruptcy in the United States. Yet nobody is holding these hospitals accountable, and I am tired of it,” Christy added.

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Christy’s TikTok channel also includes videos providing information on how to get some money back if you’re currently in debt from a hospital stay.


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“Most hospitals in the United States are required to have charity care programs. That means they’re required to have programs that either reduce or completely wipe out debt for individuals who make under a certain amount of money,” she said.

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“‘Dollar For’ is an organization that will contact your hospital, apply you for their charity program, and then they will follow up with the hospital on your behalf until your debt is reduced or eliminated. And guess what guys, they do it for free.”

Featured Image: TikTok