20 Things That Are Normal For Americans But Weird For Everyone Else


If you’ve lived in one place long enough, the way things are done might seem like the only way to do them. However, once you start traveling and experiencing different cultures, you’ll see a whole new world.

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In a recent Reddit thread, users chimed in to share the things that are normal in America that would be considered weird in other countries across the world after someone asked:

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“What is considered normal by the American folk but incredibly weird for the rest of the world?”

The responses range from minor differences, like standard paper sizes and date formats to bigger issues like school shootings and high medical costs. It’s definitely eye-opening to see how wildly different things are in different parts of the world.

Here are 20 of the most popular answers.

1. Disappearing act

Giving your credit card to a server after a meal and the server walking away to a place you can’t see to charge it

Most places in Europe the server charges the card in front of you.

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2. Bathroom layout

The giant gaps in bathroom stalls. Nowhere else in the world have I seen this. I really don’t need to be making eye contact with someone outside the stall door while taking a shit!


3. Taxes

Grocery store prices listed without tax, I want to pay what the sign says.


4. Drug commercials

Pharma/drug commercials on tv.

ETA: here’s a good little compilation.

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5. Medical costs

Avoid going to the doctors because you know it’s going to be expensive.


6. Shoes inside

You are considered disgusting and irresponsible if you don’t take off shoes inside ANYONE’S house here in Asia.


7. Tipping culture

Yeesssss, why do I have to pay 20% tip?? Why don’t you include it in the food price and paid your employee the living wage?

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8. Paper size

Their size of paper. A4 all the way baby.


SO THAT’S F–KING IT. I knew something was up but didn’t realise their standard was different.


9. Date format

Yeah, I (as an European) was always confused by 9/11 being in September, as a child.

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10. Jaywalking

That “jaywalking” is actually illegal.