Man Filmed Screaming “Get A F—ing Job” At Families In Church Food Drive Line

Video from Buckeye, Arizona shows a man in a pickup truck shouting obscenities at people waiting in one of those long food drive car lines, telling them to get jobs and calling parents “pathetic” to their children.

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One family of six was left traumatized after the parents, who are struggling to find work during the pandemic, recorded the man's tirade and tried to defend themselves.

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"He looked at my son and told him that his parents were pathetic and couldn't afford to feed him," one of the parents told local news station Arizona's Family. "At that point, all my manners went out the window."

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The family asked to remain anonymous out of fear of retaliation for exposing the man who harassed them. The harasser, however, has no such fears and fully admitted to being the owner of High Side Electric in Buckeye, which is also evident from the company name and logo on his pickup truck.

He also has no remorse for shaming people who need a little help during a time of unprecedented crisis.

"Those people need to go to work," he said to Arizona's Family. "They should be ashamed of themselves."

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Although the economy had a small recovery following the initial massive layoffs early in the coronavirus pandemic, many millions are still out of work or working fewer hours for less pay. The national unemployment rate is currently 6.3 percent—close to double what it was in February 2020 before skyrocketing to 14.7 percent in April.

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In the video, the owner of High Side Electric can be heard shouting "get a f---cking job" out of his pickup truck window.

Just yesterday, the stock market suffered a significant drop due to an unexpected increase in jobless claims, breaking the record previously set by the 2008 Great Recession for the 48th week in a row.

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Meanwhile, the new Democratic government is working toward getting a new round of stimulus checks to the people by mid-March, when the federal boost in unemployment benefits is set to expire.

The family who recorded the video have said that they are working on filing a report with the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office over the incident.