Anti-Maskers Swarming Target Get Sprayed With Cleaner By Lone Man


A video posted on r/PublicFreakout by u/itsreallyreallytrue shows a man wearing a mask spraying an unlabeled bottle of what seems to be cleaner at a group of anti-maskers. The title of the Reddit post says the footage was taken at a Century City mall in Los Angeles on Monday.

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The video doesn't show how the situation escalated, but it shows one of the women pointing at the cleaner spraying man and threatening him with serious repercussions.

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"I will arrest you for that; that is poison," she says. "You gonna get arrested. Don't you get that?"

A security guard does approach the spraying man, not the anti-maskers, towards the end of the clip, and the woman yells, "You're spraying us with poison."

The security guard probably is obligated to stop the chemicals being spritzed in the air, but he seems kind of tired out by the whole situation.

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The commenters have a lot of negative opinions about the anti-maskers for the most part, and kind of understand where the man spraying chemicals on them is coming from.

Some people wanted to know why these sorts of demonstrations keep popping up in Los Angeles, which is seeing such a surge of cases and over-crowded hospitals.

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Redditor FashionBusking responded:

Angeleno here -- its a group made up of Conservative-talk-radio yabbos who are getting money for this anti-mask shuttle bus* from a conservative PAC. This same shuttle has appeared at the Erewhon anti-mask protest a week or so ago.

Further, the same group of instigators has been literally ALL OVER LA. Same people at LA County Public Health chief's home. Same group of people at city hall.

It's important to note-- EVERY SINGLE LOCATION for an anti-mask protest is at a location within a block or less of a major media outlet. Erewhon next to CBS Television City. This Target is next to CNN and Fox's LA broadcast centers.

There is some reporting that seems to confirm that a group of conspiracy-minded people is being organized against the public good for media purposes:

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This all means there will probably be more of these altercations to come. The mall better find more security guards. Maybe they should hire spray bottle guy?