Man “Attacks” Joe Biden Dummy In Embarrassing Viral Video


Hardcore supporters of outgoing President Donald Trump haven’t been taking the news of his loss in the 2020 election well. Some refuse to accept the result, and many have protested what they believe was a “rigged” election, with Trump’s advisors suggesting wildly desperate measures to maintain the presidency.

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In a since-deleted video, TikTok user @big_pappa_pump22, aka Big Chet, went a new route: anger management.

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The muscle-bound Canadian has gone viral after sharing a video of himself pummeling a hitting dummy he says represents President-elect Joe Biden.

And he’s doing this while wearing red, white, and blue workout pants.

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He salutes the dummy, and then asks the figure how it feels to be president, and goes into waylaying the practice dummy. It’s just so weird to know a grown man literally cut this video together and managed to include (presumably) his daughter.

Looking at “Big Chet” throughout his TikTok channel, it’s difficult to know whether he’s serious hating Joe Biden, or Justin Trudeau, or just serious about his gains. The whole set of dummy videos scream Napoleon Dynamite’s Rex Kwon Do.

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On the repost on Reddit, a user (HialeahRootz) makes mention of the comedy, with one of its wondrous lines: “You think anybody wants a roundhouse kick to the face while I’m wearing these bad boys? Forget about it.”