Male “Karen” Melts Down At A Texas Trader Joe’s Over Mask Requirements

male karen meltdown trader joe's

A male Karen melted down at a Dallas-area Trader Joe’s over mask requirements and became the subject of a viral video as a result.

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As the Daily Dot reported, the video (viewable on the CrazyKarens2 Instagram account) shows the man documenting his experience at Trader Joe’s.

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He insists that he has the right to shop in the store without a mask — even though Texas still has a statewide mask mandate in place until March 10—erroneously citing that federal guidelines are on his side.

“You’re violating the law. You’re harassing me and discriminating against me because of my disability,” he notes at one point in the video, though as USA Today pointed out back in July, the Americans with Disabilities Act’s requirement for “reasonable accommodation to anyone who cannot wear a mask due to a medical condition” does not automatically absolve people from wearing masks in stores.

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He instructs his kids, as he enters the story, “You always stand for truth—do you understand me? You’re doing nothing wrong.”

But then he’s confronted by an employee about his refusal to wear a mask, says he’s offended that they’re taking him to task in front of his children, and he threatens to take his business to Whole Foods.

At one point, he’s “so upset” that he starts speaking in French, saying “avec mis enfants,” which is indeed French for “with my children.”

“I am so perturbed right now,” he tutted, regaining his mastery of the English language. “This is America at the end of the day.”

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He also comments on police and the difference between “the letter of the law and the spirit of the law,” and argues that “the damage to children is immense” from a mask mandate intended to preserve public health and hasten the end of the pandemic.

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It gets even more ranty by the end, with the man trying to rally others in the store. “Newsflash for everyone, nobody’s vote counts anymore,” he bellows. “So are we all going to stand together or not? Everybody wants two weeks to flatten the curve? Now we’re gonna take COVID swabs in our butts?”

In the Instagram comments, some worried about his parenting, with one assessing, “His poor children . . . He is the only one screwing them up. I can’t imagine their home life.”

Another asked, “What kind of person does this in front of their children?!”

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The Daily Mail, which covered the incident in its Sunday edition, observed that just this past week, “Trader Joe’s was threatened with a boycott after an employee revealed he was fired for sending a letter to the grocery chain’s CEO demanding stricter mask requirements for customers.”

That report relayed that Ben Bonnema put up in a Twitter thread last Friday, claiming he was from a New York City Trader Joe’s, which included a letter he sent CEO Dan Bane, in which he recommended five changes to improve safety amid the pandemic. Those recommendations included implementing a ‘three strike policy’ to ban customers who repeatedly violate mask mandates.

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The Daily Mail reported, “Bonnema’s tweets quickly went viral,” leading to calls to boycott Trader Joe’s, which has more than 500 locations nationwide.