“MAGA Mom” Throws A Tantrum Over Election Map School Assignment

As it becomes more and more evident that Joe Biden won the 2020 Presidential election (I mean, it was evident weeks ago, but it just keeps getting clearer), some folks can’t let go. A viral video showing a 3rd grade school assignment about the election while a delusional mom grills a poor teacher is making a lot of people wince—about the poor teacher, the wacky mother, and the poor kid.

In the video, a woman can be heard complaining because there is still “litigation” in several states that the kids were instructed to color in blue. Uh oh, I think we know what news network that parent is watching (hint, it’s OAN).

The mom says that her son, Anthony, became confused because the election map on OAN did not look like the election map from school.

“He told me you went up there and put up a map,” says the mom in what sounds like a recording. “I went and put up a map, I didn’t go to Google. I went to the National Archives and then I also went to OAN and it had exactly what he and I had been talking about, and he was [unintelligible] ‘I don’t understand, why is this not what she showed me?'”

OAN or The One America News Network is considered to be so far to the right that it makes Fox News look rational and moderate. In fact, Donald Trump shared a false election conspiracy theory last week right after it was discussed on OAN. Seems like Trump might be switching allegiance from Fox to OAN—probably because they do their best to make him look like a god.

In the video, the poor teacher tries to patiently explain that she will talk to Anthony about the finer points of U.S. presidential elections. The mom seems unimpressed.

Folks were sympathetic to the teacher’s plight—and also poor, confused Anthony’s experience.

Teachers are struggling so much right now. The last thing they need is to kowtow to a parent who gets her news from a network that traffics in conspiracy theories.