YouTuber Logan Paul Says He Will Run For President

Logan Paul president
Logan Paul/YouTube

Professional internet troll and YouTuber Logan Paul said he is seriously considering a presidential run in the future. The 24-year-old spoke about the possibility of running when he turns 35 on his “Impaulsive” podcast.

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When asked about whether society benefits the rich, Paul said, “I really do think I’m going to make a run for president when I’m 35.”

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“I don’t know. I have to do more research but I think I could do some seriously good sh*t that is so necessary and in my head feels inevitable, but someone has to do it.”

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Paul, who has been involved in myriad controversies during his career as an internet personality, has had some success as a boxer.

Paul’s “Impaulsive” co-host Mike Majlak asked Paul if he would consider choosing him as his running mate, but Paul said no, “because you can’t run.”

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On social media, Paul’s comments were met negatively. People compared them to Kanye West’s 2020 run for president, which was largely panned and ridiculed.

In 2019, Paul went on Joe Rogan’s podcast and said the same thing. He posted a clip on Twitter in which comedian Tim Dillion said, “I will make Logan Paul president. He’s a smart guy. He will run. YouTubers are going to have millions of dollars, millions of fans, and no skills when they’re all 40.”

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“I’ll do it,” said Paul.

Let’s hope not.

Featured Image: YouTube