GOP Senate Candidate Slammed For Tweet About Immigrants Not Being Able To “Assimilate”

Possibly the worst thing that has come out of Donald Trump’s presidency is how much more open some Americans have become about their racism and xenophobia.

On the one hand, perhaps it’s good to know who people really are without any more time spent hiding behind a facade of niceties. But on the other, empowering racism rather than stomping it out at every turn has no place in a civilized, inclusive society.

Lauren Witzke, a Republican candidate to represent Delaware in the Senate, espoused her own nasty views on Twitter last week, claiming that “most third-world migrants can not assimilate into civil societies.”

“Prove me wrong,” she challenged, undoubtedly not the least bit interested in being proven wrong.

But people took her challenge anyway, sharing stories of their own journeys, or those of families or friends.

More importantly, many opted to challenge the legitimacy of her question, noting that someone’s ability to “assimilate” into another culture has nothing to do with their value as a human being or even the value they could bring to a community.

Bigots love to demand emotional labor of the people they despise, but rarely change their opinions based on it — especially if those bad opinions get them attention from their fellow bigots. It’s a fundamental, repulsive lack of empathy. Prove me wrong.