Angry “Karen” Loudly Argues With Dunkin’ Workers, Explaining A Dozen Means 50 Donuts

dunkin donuts karen
@princess__natt/TikTok, MadManD3vi0us/Reddit

A lot of horrible white women labeled as “Karens” in viral videos seem like they’re getting off too easy. They’re assaulting people, or calling the cops, or brandishing weapons. They’re actual criminals?!

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So this video of a classic Karen is actually a little refreshing. Even though the woman in it is horrible, she is not actually doing anything illegal. She’s just fulfilling the Karen stereotype to a T.

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Recorded by TikToker @princess__natt, the TikTok shows a woman with her mask hanging off demanding some cashiers help her get more donuts. The issue is that she ordered a dozen, and got a dozen. Twelve. She wants more.

“I need more,” she repeats angrily, then responds to something murmured by the cashier, “50. Five. Zero.”

“Fifty, all right, want a mix?” the employee tries to ask cheerfully.

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The Karen answers, “That’s what a dozen is!”

Um, no it’s not? And it’s entirely unclear why she thought that. If she were just confused, it would be one thing, but she’s being incredibly rude to the workers at the same time.

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In a follow-up video, the TikToker says the woman disrespected the cashiers, who tried their best to be helpful throughout. In this other video, you can hear the Karen accuse them in a sulky voice that they “don’t understand English.”


Reply to @thinkrealm Karen and her “dozen” munchkins Part II #publicfreakouts #publickarens #dunkin #karen #fyp #part2

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So, she’s racist, too. And not open to being corrected by anyone. The original poster shared footage from just before the original TikTok where she tried to intervene, unsuccessfully, and explain a dozen means twelve, not fifty:

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“I want more than 12,” the Karen answers, not looking at her. Yes! We know!

The footage made it to r/PublicFreakout, and most of the comments are hideously fatphobic. But a few people just wondered how anyone could think a dozen is 50.

One person claimed they’d run into somebody else who thought “a dozen” meant a whole lot more than it does, but they weren’t rude about it:

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It seems like lots of people need a refresher course on basic math AND basic manners.