Austin School Board Candidate Arrested After Assaulting Someone at Nordstrom Rack

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There are a lot of Karens out there, but this footage of Lake Travis school board candidate Kara Bell of Austin, Texas, is maybe the purest example of a white woman discovering how police can operate for the first time. The Austin American Statesman reports Bell was cited last week for assault and then released after she got into a fight at Nordstrom Rack when an employee asked her to put on a mask.

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The police were called after Bell shoved a security guard who tried to stop her from going into a dressing room without her mask on because it’s the store protocol that customers must wear one inside.

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In the video, Bell is on the phone with someone and tells the two arriving officers that she was the one who was assaulted. She also accused the employee who called the police of “racism” because Bell claims there was a Black woman without a mask in the store as well, and implied the employee targeted her for being white.

It’s really quite a rollercoaster. Bell refuses to show I.D. or give her date of birth or name, not seeming to understand that the police actually can arrest you whenever they want, more or less.

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“I am a Christian woman of God and you are not going to put your disgusting rules on me that are false and not true,” Bell tells the cop wearing a body cam. “I will not have it.”

But she did have it. She had a set of handcuffs put on her.

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Bell has been banned from the store for a year, which doesn’t seem like enough. Her assault citation is a Class C misdemeanor and punishable by a fine of up to $500, though it’s unclear if Bell is going to have to pay it. The employee had a citation for assault as well after Bell filed a victim report, but it became void when two employee witnesses verified the employee’s side of things.

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Around the time of this incident about a dozen people went into Nordstrom Rack maskless as perhaps some sort of protest, and Bell was one of their members. They have been doing this throughout Sunset Valley, which has a fairly small police force of 12 officers. You know they’re sick of this sh-t.

Bell is known in Austin for challenging incumbent Lauren White for the Place 2 seat on the Lake Travis school board. Now, she will be best known for this video.