Kamala Harris Gave Lindsey Graham A Fist Bump And People Are Upset

Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris returned to the Senate floor on Tuesday to cast a vote, because she’s still Senator Harris, too. Though Joe Biden and Senator Harris’s win has been confirmed over and over again, Donald Trump is still contesting election results and insisting he’s “won.” He is being aided and abetted by the GOP, who seem to be riding it out in case this attempted coup is successful and they can get grab a little more power and money at the expense of democracy.

Amongst them is Republican Senator Lindsay Graham, who literally attempted to have legal votes thrown out in Georgia and who should probably be arrested. That might be why people were a little shocked to see Harris greet Graham with a friendly fist bump on the Senate floor:

Um, I guess they’re buds? Some people are very surprised that the fairly conservative Democrat Harris would be friendly with a work colleague. Some people aren’t so much surprised as they are unhappy to have their fears that nothing much will change overall confirmed.

And a few were very understanding of why Harris would be friendly with Graham:

As yes, the old civility discourse. Well, if it’s any comfort, Graham is likely getting sh-t from his constituents over it as well. In an interview with CNN’s Manu Raju, Graham said it was just a “friendly hello” and nothing else!

Just saying hello – I haven’t seen her in a while. If it works out and they make it, I told her I wish her well and try to work where we can. We will know here in a month or so or less.

If they make it? WTF is that supposed to mean?