Watch The Gun Girl Find Out That Cops Won’t Protect Her At A Pride March

Gun Girl Kaitlin Bennett Chewed Out By A Cop At Iowa Pride Event
Infowars via @starryxdjh/Twitter

The infamous “gun girl,” otherwise known as Kaitlin Bennett, is trending again for the anniversary of a viral video taken during last year’s Pride month.

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Bennett showed up to a Pride event with her microphone, camera, and a big INFOWARS graphic to throw over the footage later. The clip that went viral at the time doesn’t show context for what Bennett was up to, but it makes it clear that she’d been harassing people. That’s when a cop got involved.

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Cops at Pride is a contentious issue, but if we’re going to give them something to do, I’d rather they have to talk to Kaitlin Bennett than me. It seems from the video, the officer she’s “interviewing” has received a number of complaints about Bennett harassing Pride-goers. Without saying homophobia, he accuses her of trying to stir up trouble.

“You clearly don’t like what they’re up to,” he tells her.

“I don’t care what they’re up to!” she insists.

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“Then go away,” he answers. “There’s no reason to interview anyone.”

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But Kaitlin doesn’t want to stop interviewing people, she wants to keep doing whatever she likes with a guarantee from police that they’ll stop anyone she’s harassing from fighting back. She accuses him of making accusations against her, though what those accusations are remains vague.

“I’m not any making accusations,” he says. “Other than what I believe is taking place here.”

He gestures to her camera, which starts a slight argument between the officer and the guy Bennett is with. Apparently, they made their own accusation against someone, which they claimed to have recorded—but they don’t want to hand over the camera to detectives, saying the officer is trying to confiscate their property.

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“Are you a detective?” the frustrated officer asks. He eventually says he’s tired of “playing these games” with her.

“I believe what you’re doing here right now is ‘This will be a great film,'” he claims. “‘Arguing with the cop, oh, you got him,’ that’s what this is all about.”

“My audience loves cops!” Bennet exclaims. I bet they do. And that’s really why Bennett is shocked. She thought that all of her Blue Lives Matter rhetoric would protect her and the cop would also want to harass the public. She seems to have found one who just wants to get through the night without incident.

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“Let’s move on with our night so I can go protect somebody who might actually need to be projected,” he says. “I’m trying to protect myself!” yells Bennett.

“Then leave everybody alone!” he answers, which is not something she is prepared to do.

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The video has gone viral again on Reddit, where people are laughing about how obvious it is that Bennett just doesn’t understand the concept of consequences. In fact, the clip literally ends with her asking, “So what you’re saying is if I go in there, there’s going to be consequences?”

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Yes. That’s something most people learn by the time they’re Bennett’s age. Do you think she’s retained the lesson for a full year?