Hungry “Karen” Snatches Mask Off McDonald’s Worker In Viral Video

karen mcdonald's, woman snatches mask off mcdonald's employy

A viral TikTok video features a hungry “Karen” running behind a counter at McDonald’s to snatch the employee’s mask off their face.

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User @daze_5683 posted the video with the caption: “Karens of Orange County, apparently this was over a breakfast burrito they forgot to put in #fyp #mcdonalds.” It was also posted to the @crazykarens account on Twitter.

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With an altercation underway in an Orange County-area McDonald’s, a belligerent and hungry woman demands to know one of the employees’ names. All of this commotion is over missing food.

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She repeatedly demands the McDonald’s employee provide her name. The employee says: “It’s not what you called me,” implying the angry customer had called her something nasty.

Fed up, she then comes behind the pick-up counter, gets into the employee’s face, and continues asking for her name. The employee tells her that she will call the police.

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Choosing violence, the hungry Karen snatches down the employee’s mask and yells, “What is your f—king name?”

A male employee arrives, and she backs up, still demanding to learn the employee’s name. Then she quickly rushes away, declaring, “She’s going to jail.”

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But she hurried away because, most likely, she had committed an assault.

The male employee says, “Thank you. Have a good day.”