Goodfellas Trends After Someone Made Compilation Of Capitol Rioters Being Dragged Away To “Layla”

As the days roll on following the attempted coup at the Capitol on January 6, many Americans are finding deep satisfaction in seeing the Trump supporters who participated begin to face consequences for their actions.

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It's so good, in fact, that one Twitter user created a compilation of bystander videos and news reports showing this happening to "Layla," which was famously also featured in the iconic film Goodfellas.

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You might recall Layla as the song that played during the part of the film that showed all the accomplices from the Lufthansa heist dead, having been murdered to satisfy the paranoia of Robert De Niro's character. This video compilation is much less violent, but the music still fits.

The video's creator, who goes by "Blond Ambition" on Twitter, has noted that two of the scenes are actually from anti-maskers getting kicked from flights. However, they argue that exposing dozens of people to a deadly virus could also be called an act of terrorism. Either way, they're just as satisfying to watch.

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According to CNN, following the initial arrests on the day of the attack, 20 key figures have so far been rounded up by authorities in connection to the insurrection.

These have included one man who was found to have 11 homemade bombs in the truck he brought and parked just two blocks from the Capitol. Two more were arrested after being photographed inside the building in body armor and carrying zip-tie restraints that many have speculated could have been used to take hostages.

Less serious but still satisfying are the arrests of the man who was photographed with his feet up on Nancy Pelosi's desk and the "QAnon shaman" seen in goat horns and white supremacist tattoos.

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Our favorite from the video compilation, however, has to be the young woman in the leggings screaming "mom it hurts" as police drag her handcuffed out of the airport. That was allegedly also an anti-masker incident in which the arrested parties were accused of assaulting an airline worker.

Regardless, with over 3.3 million views so far, people are finding the compilation deeply satisfying.