Karen At Dunkin Donuts Drive-Thru Gets Upset After Being Signaled To ‘Move On’

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A set of TikToks from a Dunkin Donuts drive-thru in New Jersey has people irritated yet again on behalf of food service workers.

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It’s difficult to discern exactly what happened, but “part 1” begins with a woman in line complaining that the employee handling drive-thru orders perhaps handed over her change in a way that she didn’t appreciate (the original TikTok upload says that “she’s upset because she got her change too quickly”).

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“He’s telling me what I want. He doesn’t like the fact that I needed the six cents. He gave me a bunch of change,” she yells into the window as someone in the car behind her records the altercation. “And then he’s going like this: ‘Okay, move on, move on, move on.’”

For those who don’t spend much time in drive-thrus, their ability to function depends on customers moving along through the line quickly, not taking time to think about their order or complain at the window—that’s what you go inside to do.

From there, the woman immediately jumps to screaming at the employees inside to “go to hell,” calling one a “son of a b—ch.”

“I don’t like to be treated that way,” she says, yet again complaining about previously being asked to move on.

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She’s upset that she got her change too quickly (this is part 1 that got taken down) #karen #dunkin #fyp

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A subsequent video labeled “part 2” but taken from the employee side of the window may have occurred prior to part 1, as the car starts driving away at the end of the first video.

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Either way, it seems as if the employees were already prepared for the woman to cause trouble when one—presumably the manager based on the customer’s complaints in part 1—set up his iPhone to film what he could of the interaction.

That video shows the woman getting frustrated with the automatic window repeatedly closing on her between interactions, and demanding to know why the manager is watching her.

“You’re watching me because you’re thinking—” she begins to say after the employee has handed her a receipt along with requested napkins and sugar packets.

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“Thank you, have a nice day,” the employee says and walks away, before the window shuts on the irate woman yet again.

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The videos have been shared across TikTok and Reddit, and prompted a number of replies in support of the Dunkin Donuts employees.

“The window is speaking for all service workers,” one TikTok user wrote.

“The window said not today Karen not today,” joked another.

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The responses on Reddit were more of the same, generally focused on roasting the customer for being insufferable, regardless of whether she was actually shorted six cents or not.

“If you make a stink like this over 6 cents in line somewhere you’re a shitty person,” wrote u/CactusCustard.

Another user pointed out that the woman didn’t say “please” even once amid all her demands.

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“What is it with Americans and fast-food workers?” asked u/ottodafe. “They’re not slaves, just because you buy two burgers and fries doesn’t give you the right to insult them as you wish.”