“Donut Karen” Verbally Abuses Tim Hortons Worker For Not Speaking Fluent English

dont karen tim hortons

A Reddit video shows an agitated woman, a ‘donut Karen,’ freaking out over donuts because of simple miscommunication. 

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The video was posted to Reddit by u/KissKissPrince, with a description that a friend recorded the dispute from the renowned Canadian coffee and pastry spot. The donut Karen’s issue was that the employee’s English comprehension apparently wasn’t up to par.

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The customer is upset from the jump about her order, as she points at essentially every donut in the case. However, she’s pointing at a fast rate, seemingly on purpose, so that she has a reason to be upset at the woman.

Additionally, if English isn’t the employee’s first language, she may not understand without deliberate pacing and proper context.

“How hard is this to understand?” the woman yells at the employee at the counter. “One of every type of your donuts!”

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The “donut Karen” continues her rant until the person filming intervenes.

“Ma’am, please don’t show disrespect to these people,” he says. “Can you please just calm down?”

The donut Karen then focuses her wrath on him, putting her finger in his face and emphasizing that she had explained her order numerous times. She tells him to “drop dead.”

“Well, that’s very polite. You’re abusing these guys verbally,” he replies.

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“I’ve had to explain myself six times,” she replies. “I’m going to get mad.”

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u/SmAshley3481 commented: “I just want to point out from the other side of a baker’s display case we don’t know what you are pointing at. We are looking over the counter or through baked goods from the opposite angle.

Edit: AND she is talking through a mask and then bending over so her voice is further muffled by the display. I hate people like this.”

As someone else wrote, “They’re donuts. It ain’t that f*ckin deep.”