People Are Sharing How Different Countries Would Act At A Party If They Were People (20 Posts)


A post over on Reddit recently went viral for asking the question:

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“Let’s pretend each country in the world is a guest at a party. What are they doing at the party?”

We combed through u/Savalonavic‘s post and grabbed the top 20 answers to the awesome question. Add your own in the comments!

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 1. Malta

Nobody noticed that Malta showed up


2. Germany

Germany is the next door neighbor. We came over to complain about the noise, printed copy of the HOA rules and regulations in hand.


3. Moldova

Republic of Moldova is explaining to everyone who it is

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4. Canada

Canada also arrived ten minutes early and waited in their car to come in exactly on time because being even a minute late might be taken as a slight


5. Finland

Finland has drank themselves to the point where social awkwardness has been replaced with an urgent need to tell everyone about all the times they beat Sweden in ice hockey


6. Spain

Spain hasn’t even left home yet, but has told everyone they are on the way.

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7. Philippines

The Philippines already bringing out their bags and getting food to go.


8. The outliers

Probably all fighting and if you go to the kitchen you’ll find New Zealand and Iceland casually chatting


9. Austria

Austria being sad about having met all the guests in the past but not being remembered by anybody.

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10. Czech & Slovakian

Czechia and slovakia are the couple that broke up, but still spend all their time at the party together.


11. Sweden

Sweden is either looking anxiously at their watch, wondering when it’s socially acceptable to go home, or the drunkest person at the party. No in between.


12. Morocco

Morocco, drinking mint tea somewhere it can’t be seen.

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13. Greece

Greece fighting with Turkey, then passing out hugged, then fighting again.


14. China, India, and Nepal

China and India are having a fight and NEPAL is trying to support both sides unsuccessfully.


15. Portugal

Portugal is complaining about the foreign food and that they could’ve eaten better in the Tasco do Zé for cheaper.

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16. Ireland

Ireland is having their first pint of Guinness and everyone is already making fun of them for their ‘drinking problem’


17. Australia

Like all older siblings, Australia won’t let NZ come to the party because they’re worried everyone will actually Like them more


18. Denmark

Denmark brought beer, and a weird syrupy liquorice spirit that no one but Finnland is willing to try.

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19. Netherlands

Netherlands is making sure everyone has paid their share in expenses by sending out venmo’s.

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20. U.S. & China

Now and then US and China are looking at each other angrily and everyone gasps.


Written by Kate Hackett

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