Denny’s Worker Quits After Religious Anti-Maskers Accuse Her Of “Discrimination”


While anti-maskers parade around insisting that they have “personal freedom” to do whatever they like, in reality, they’re constantly putting others at risk — particularly employees who have to go into work and face possibly hundreds of customers every day.

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One Denny’s worker is going viral after deciding enough is enough.

A video posted to the PublicFreakout subreddit, filmed by two anti-maskers, caught the very moment where the employee decided to quit her job.

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The woman is standing at the front of the restaurant when the men enter, camera already rolling. She politely informs them that they have to wear masks in order to be seated.

“We have a religious exemption, that we just don’t want to wear a mask,” the man recording mumbles.

The hostess tells them, again, that they have to wear a mask, and the man tries to cite the Civil Rights Act of 1964 — which prohibits segregation and employment discrimination based on protected classes, including religion, but does not give people the right to ignore broad rules put in place by private businesses — as the reason they have to be allowed in.

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The Denny’s worker marches off, appearing to go in search of her manager, before swerving back towards a nearby table and slamming the menus she was carrying down.

“You know what? I quit. I f—king quit,” she says. “What is wrong with you people?”

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Stopping in the doorway, the woman yells out to her manager: “Roger, I’m not working for this s—t anymore. These guys won’t put their masks on. I’m sick of feeling like this.”

“Why are you discriminating against us?” the soulless buffoon behind the camera asks in response.

As the employee heads back into the restaurant to grab her purse, the manager comes out from the back and repeats what she already told the men — without masks, they cannot be seated, and shuts down their “religious exemption” nonsense with a simple “no.”

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The men finally start to leave, and the (ex?) employee points out to her manager that they were filming this whole time, like it’s some kind of game.

“Don’t believe everything the media tells you, okay?” says the videographer’s companion, who is wearing a shirt featuring a Bible verse on the back.

“Yeah, go f—k yourself,” she replies.

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The video appears to have been recorded back in September, though it’s only going viral now. And as we all know, the only thing that’s really changed regarding COVID-19 in the United States during that time is that cases have gone up. 

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Anti-maskers, however, are still out in full force, showing just how little thought they give people like this Denny’s employee, who probably just wanted to show up to work, follow the rules she had no hand in creating, and make it home safe to her family without some idiot carelessly infecting her with a virus.