Costco Ken Calls A Woman A “C*nt” After Refusing To Wear A Mask


A viral TikTok video also trending on Twitter shows an unmasked man at a Tucson, Arizona store calling a woman a “c*nt” and telling her “eat a d*ck, b*tch,” all because she asked “Costco Ken” to wear a mask.

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The video was shared on TikTok by user @wifingaround on Tuesday and now has more than 240,000 views. It was also shared on Twitter by @davenewworld_2 on Friday, earning another 326,000 views. 

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The caption for the video reads: “My wife is a Covid ICU nurse who watches people die every shift. We asked this guy to put his mask on at Costco, and then… #wearadamnmask.”

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The video starts in progress as the Costco Ken, along with his masked wife, argued with the videographer.

When the couple asked the man to wear his mask, he gets angry, and calls her “b*tch” and “c*nt.”

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Costco Ken’s wife childishly defends him: “You guys started it.”

The man doubles down, saying, “Go eat a f*cking d*ck, c*nt,” while turning away. His wife says, “she wouldn’t go near one,” perhaps referring to the couple’s sexual orientation.

The man repeats, “Eat a d*ck, bitch.” The belligerent couple then walks away. 

An unseen employee drops in, saying the recording needed to end.

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“Time out, time out!” he says to the couple. “Whatever’s going on needs to stop. I will take it up with management, okay.” 

“He’s gotta put it on,” says the videographer.

“Corona cop!” the Costco Ken yells from down the aisle.