Costco Shopper Goes On Anti-Mask Tirade, Megaphone And All


It’s nearly impossible to keep track of how many anti-masker videos have been taken at Costcos across the country this year and subsequently gone viral. The wholesale store seems like a gathering ground for anti-maskers — perhaps due in part to the fact that Costco actually seems to be enforcing its mask policies, resulting in some hilarious ejections of maskless customers from their stores.

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But the latest Costco anti-masker took things a step farther, opting to not just take off his mask, but hop up on a table with a megaphone to demand everyone else see COVID-19 as the “hoax” he still believes it to be.

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Nine months into the pandemic, with 1.62 million deaths worldwide, this attention-seeker in Tustin, California, still thinks COVID is just the flu.

At the start of the video that captured his shenanigans, he complains about California’s COVID restrictions, and how if the lockdown that was announced way back in March didn’t magically fix everything, the government must be fooling us for their own gain.

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“If masks really work, why is this still a problem?” he asks. “Because the masks don’t do anything. It is just the flu. We’ve already been exposed to it, folks.”

Most people in the store ignore him, though he is surrounded by employees who seem to be waiting for security or the police to show up and handle him. A couple bystanders can be heard yelling rebuttals at him, but it’s difficult to make out the specifics.

“Anybody who dies from COVID would have died from the regular flu,” he claims with absolutely no evidence to back up such an extreme statement.

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In another video of the incident, the man eventually goes on to call COVID a “farce” and rage against California governor Gavin Newsom.

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The anti-masker is being hailed as a hero by his fellow science deniers on the internet, but as other countries have shown, if we had actual lockdowns and people followed rules for a short amount of time, the country could have been open and functioning more or less normally by now. 

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Instead, we continue to have people spitting about freedom at Costco while more Americans die and we wait and wait and wait for a vaccine that a third of them may very well refuse to take.