Chris Evans’ Dunk On Trump’s Rambling Voter Fraud Tweet Goes Viral

Chris Evans may have unleashed the final word on Donald Trump’s tantrum over losing the election, making a joke about the campaign’s “Four Seasons” fiasco that left Rudy Giuliani giving a statement in a parking lot next to a sex shop. This morning, Trump sent out an all-caps tweet yelling allegations about Dominion voting systems deleting votes for him or switching them to Biden votes.

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In response, widely beloved actor, Trump critic, and Captain America Chris Evans issued a brief but highly effective statement.

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“It’s over. You lost,” he wrote. “If you don’t like it, take it all the way to the Supreme Courtyard Marriott.”

If you missed it, the joke refers to the Trump campaign mix-up in which they accidentally scheduled a press conference at the Four Seasons Total Landscaping rather than Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts. Rather than reschedule, Giuliani and his team held the conference in a landscaping company parking lot.

And since Trump is trying to steal the election by making various legal challenges he hopes will end up in the Supreme Court he stacked with far-right judges, telling him to take it to the Supreme Courtyard Marriott deserves a chef’s kiss.

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As for Trump’s allegations, BuzzFeed News has already dubbed them false. They apparently came from an announcement on November 4 that the voting machines in one county in Michigan did not have its software properly updated before Election Day, but the problem was fixed and the votes recounted.

One America News Network, Trump’s new favorite after breaking up with Fox News, took this and spun it as though the same error happened to all Dominion voting machines across the country. One mental gymnastics routine later and Trump was Twitter-yelling about 2.7 million deleted votes.

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With or without context, Twitter users are loving Chris Evans’ burn on the outgoing president, sometimes a little too much for comfort.

“Sir! I haven’t even finished laughing about the four seasons landscape and now this!?” said one commenter.

“Yep, I’m dead,” said the “AltHomelandSecurity” account.

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We all are.