People Are Sharing Things That Are Socially Acceptable In America But Horrifying In The U.K. (17 Posts)

The U.S. and the U.K. are pretty good friends, I’d say. We have a lot in common—but there are some definitely some behaviors that, while are normal in the U.S., would not fly in the U.K.

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On Reddit, Brits are sharing some of those behaviors, discussing the things that are socially acceptable in America but that would be totally horrifying in the U.K.

And you know what? They have a point—at least regarding a few of these. No one wants to wants to watch ads upon ads during their TV program. And I do really enjoy a full bathroom stall when traveling in the U.K.


“Always horrified by the ads – both the content and the recurrence! Bloody hell, all your TV has like an ad a minute.” — dadreflexes

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“Stores showing the price pre tax. Here in the UK the price you see is the price you pay.” — say_cheese81

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“Greeters in supermarkets. Just feels fake as f**k.” — smokingthegateway


“Gaps in bathroom stalls.” — 8xxx5

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“When my Brit friends were visiting, they were horrified when the waiter took their credit card to swipe back at the terminal. This made them REALLY uncomfortable.” — cn45

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“Anything taking over an hour to get to being a ‘short trip.'” — Drakeskulled_Reaper


“A rubber in England is not the same as a rubber in the US.” — Butwaip

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“Chatting casually at the lift.” — Maleficent_Chance

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“Addressing a stranger as ‘Sir.'” — UnsaddledZigadenus


“Politicians mentioning religion when campaigning.” — awbayley97

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“Iced tea.” — pjabrony

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“‘Bum bag,’ not ‘fanny pack.'” — VapoursAndSpleen


“Being permitted to turn right at a red light (or even left if turning from one one-way street to another one-way street in some states) unless there is a sign specifying ‘NO TURN ON RED.'” — Hobokum

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“Saying someone has a lot of spunk.” — Sociolinguisticians

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“Pharmaceutical adverts on the TV are still weird af to me.” — Toxic_Orange_DM


I’ve learned from my British friends that you have to be very careful giving peace signs. If you have your hand facing a certain way, it’s like a ‘fuck you’ in the UK basically, whereas in the US it doesn’t matter which way it’s facing really. Several years ago I sent them a picture with me doing an ‘incorrect’ peace sign and they were appalled. ETA: The offensive version is where your palm is facing inwards.” — Hawkholly

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“I was in Japan once and there was a vending machine selling beer outside my hotel room. So, being British, I bought a can and went to the elevator where I shared an excruciating couple of minutes with two American business men. They were horrified at my early day drinking, and I at their willingness to express this.” — armosnacht

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“My (British) partner & I (American) were in London, running late to meet our friends. Just as we get to the tube station, I see our train has just pulled in; we haul ass across platform and I yell, ‘HOLD THE DOOR.’ Someone does, we make the train, I don’t see a problem. My partner, by contrast, is mortified. This was 4-5 years ago & he is still mortified. Apparently we were meant to just…let the train leave? Without us?? & wait for the next one???” — Ok-Cryptographer8906

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