Crowd Of Anti-Maskers Push Through Essential Workers, Storm Grocery Store In Los Angeles


A recent video trending on social media shows a crowd of anti-mask protesters forcing their way into an Erewhon Market in the Fairfax district in Los Angeles on Tuesday afternoon. 

Per a KTLA report, Los Angeles police responded to the store on Beverly Boulevard, according to LAPD’s Wilshire Division.

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The video, posted by Ira Brian Miller (@irabrianmiller), shows Erewhon staff trying to keep the demonstrators out and prevent pushing and shoving in the store.

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“I was just trying to buy some groceries at @ErewhonMarket when 50 anti-maskers stormed the entrance in a stampede,” Miller tweeted. “Wtf. Please stay safe, everyone. Wear a mask.”

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“They were pushing their way in,” Miller explained to the Los Angeles Times. “They were trying to push the workers out of the way for them to enter the store.”

“We’re not here coughing everything, smearing everything,” said protester Jason Traver. “We just want to shop, we want to take our own precautions that we’ve been doing all of our lives, and we’ll be fine.”

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After leaving Erewhon, some protesters went to the nearby Trader Joe’s, where they were allowed inside, only after they were separated from the rest of the patrons.

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These protests come while L.A. County remains overwhelmed by the surge in coronavirus cases. On Tuesday, officials, citing a lack of supplies, said the county’s hospitals are turning to “crisis care.” 

KTLA reports that a “record 7,181 people were hospitalized with COVID-19 in L.A. County on Tuesday — a 1,000% increase from two months ago.”

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“It’s very frustrating because in L.A. right now we have less than 0% capacity ICU beds,” said one bystander told KTLA. “The least you could do is wear a mask. And I don’t know why you’re trying to attack a business that’s just trying to survive during the pandemic.”