Anti-Mask “Karen” Cop Caught Making Up Excuses For Not Wearing A Mask

An anti-masker has been caught on video once again, but this time, they’re no ordinary citizen.

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This video that is now going viral on social media is of an anti-masker “Karen” cop who continued to make excuses for not wanting to wear a mask.

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The footage originally gained traction on Reddit’s r/Bad_Cop_No_Donut page and later began to be passed around different social media platforms.

In the video, the young woman recording starts out with the camera between her legs aimed up at the cops who pulled her over to record them discreetly.

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As the recording begins, the Karen cop said, “You don’t’ have to wear a mask unless you want to.” The woman recording then says, “I mean, I’d prefer you guys wore your masks. I think it’s a little crazy that you guys aren’t.”

The woman recording explains that she’s also seen other law enforcement officials not wearing masks, which is required by the state of Pennsylvania.

She asks the Karen cop, “Coronavirus is still happening, right?” and the Karen cop shoots back, “How do you know I haven’t had it?”

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The two continue to go back and forth as the woman replies to the cop, “You’re still supposed to wear a mask, though. It’s just common courtesy.”

In true Karen fashion, the cop asked the question everybody has heard before: “Well, you don’t know if I have a medical condition” and tries to move on from the conversation about masks and says, “So I’m gonna explain your citation now.”

Making sure to get the cop’s face, the woman lifts the phone up to record the officer’s face as she explains where to get the citation taken care of.

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The video garnered a lot of attention on Reddit with one person commenting, “If you have a ‘medical condition’ that prevents you from having a small piece of fabric on your face, I’m gonna go ahead and say you probably aren’t qualified to be law enforcement. I wish this woman had pressed her and asked what her ‘medical condition’ is.”