“7/11 Karen” Gets Knocked Out After Calling Woman Racial Slur In Viral Video

711 karen sacramento

Video of an out of control confrontation at a Sacramento 7-Eleven last summer is making the rounds on social media once again.

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The footage starts off with a Black woman accusing a white woman up at the cash register of calling her the N-word at some point while they were both shopping. The white woman denies that it happened, claiming instead that she simply said: “excuse me.”

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It’s apparent that the two had already been arguing for a minute before the cashier decided to take out their phone and start recording the altercation.

And the screaming coming from both sides makes a lot of their comments indecipherable, but the Black customer repeatedly challenges the white woman “call [her the N-word] again,” and the white woman eventually makes the very ill-advised decision to do just that.

And immediately gets punched in the face.

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The assault continues until the white woman is on the ground, asking for someone to call 9-1-1.

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According to TMZ, as of October of last year, no one had been arrested or charged related to the incident, despite the white woman filing a report with police the following day.

With some distance from when this actually happened, Redditors are split on who was in the wrong here.

“Like I completely disagree with people thinking they have the right to hit someone because they said something you don’t like,” u/supersede wrote. “But at the same time, actions have consequences. And if you stand there and taunt someone over and over, and they are indirectly indicating to you via body language that this could turn into a physical altercation and you continue…It’s hard to feel sorry for you.”

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Don’t use racist slurs, don’t punch old ladies, and wear a mask. It’s honestly not that hard.