‘Downright Cruel’—Mom Gets Slammed For Omitting ‘Affair Baby’ From Family Vacation

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This story on r/AmIthe A–hole is something I deeply hope is fake because it paints such a sad picture of a little boy’s life, I don’t want it to be true. Except it probably is. Posted by u/Consistent_Field_900, the title is “WIBTA if I leave my husband’s affair baby with my MIL while the rest of us go on vacation.”

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Basically, this 38-year-old woman says her 48-year-old husband had an affair a few years ago. She forgave her husband, but a little boy came out of the affair and she says she cannot “see his son as my stepson.” You can just imagine how things are for this poor kid. The rest of the story is short, and yet manages to cram in so much badness:

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The custody arraignment is that my husband has him every other week , Christmas and most Christmas vacation this year, falls on the days that he has him. I have an annual trip that me and few of the other housewives put together for all of families.

His ex-mistress, Leah is refusing to take him for just this week I told her she’s being selfish and that she should want to spend Christmas with her son she said that so should my husband . My husband agreed with me so we decided we would drop him and his presents off to my MIL.

When Leah found out she was furious she said I’m being selfish I told her she’s the last one to be talking about being selfish and she has so control over what my husband does with the child during the time he has custody of him.

My oldest daughter (f18) told me she agrees with Leah and that there’s no reason why he’s being punished for their affair. I told her to stay in a child’s place and that if she keeps this up she’ll be joining him.

Yikes! So she had her first kid when she was around twenty herself, and yet her 18-year-old is more emotionally mature. Great!

It is probably horrible to get cheated on and to have a daily reminder of that betrayal…but in this case, the reminder is an actual human child who doesn’t deserve to be punished for his dad being an asshat. Commenters were not pleased with her.

“Is this even real?” asked panda0515. “I can’t imagine someone could be this ignorant of how cruel this is to an innocent child. YTA, obviously. You are punishing an innocent child and excluding them from a family holiday celebration. 1000x YTA.”

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“You’re not just the asshole you’re a full-blown monster,” wrote dcoopah. “Seek help you’re clearly vindictive, manipulative, and just downright cruel.”

Redditor tileman1440 broke it down by saying, “Its not the child’s fault YOUR husband got his member out and put it in another woman. It’s not the child’s fault YOUR husband was unfaithful. Do not take your anger out on the child because you see that child as a constant reminder of HIS infidelity. Either leave your husband or forgive him but do not take it out on the child because its not its fault.”

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There’s really not much hope that this post has given this horrible woman a change of heart, or made her husband a better person. But just in case, here’s one more comment that sums things up.

“YTA and one of the biggest Ive come across in my time reading this sub,” said Easy-Ad5247. “It’s terrible your husband cheated on you, but the nerve to forgive your trash husband and then punish an innocent child. And the way you spoke to your 18 year old who luckily seems to be a better person than you? Good Lord this poor child for having to ever be around you.”

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