People Are Sharing The Wrong Things Their Parents Taught Them (20 Posts)

It’s a weird time in life when we realize our parents are just normal people who did what they can to keep us alive. It makes sense that they would say whatever first came to mind. I mean come on, kids ask a lot of questions and are generally a pain in the ass. But some things, most likely things they don’t recall saying, really stuck and probably f*cked us up.

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Redditors are sharing things their parent’s told them as kids that they vow never tell their own children.

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These folks will most likely make a similar list of sh*tty advice written by their adult children in the year 2041. Here are the 20 most upvoted terrible lessons taught by parents whose adult kids are now (hopefully) talking about in therapy.

1. Easier than telling you that you suck.

“They’re only picking on you/being mean because they LIKE you.” No, no. They’re just being assholes.” –KnockMeYourLobes

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2. But a great way to lose your baby teeth.

“How to open a beer bottle with my teeth.” –denyk0312

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3. Bold face liars.

“That I’m a handsome young man.” –ismailovic10

4. Positive vibes only.

“That it’s rude to express any negative emotions.” –smallroundbird

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5. Sounds like Dad could use some therapy.

“That parents never have to apologize to their kids. I love my dad. He is a great dad and I know he loves me so much, but he has it in his head that even now, even when his youngest (me) is an adult, that he doesn’t need to apologize if he does something wrong. It’s baffling.” –shineevee

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6. Bet he grew up to be an electrician.

“How to change an electrical outlet, 120 volts, LIVE.” –42_Dude

7. Jealous of what though?

“They’re just jealous of you.” –Special_Possible119

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8. Rick Ross taught a similar lesson.

“That you need to hustle 100% of the time and be constantly busy with school/work, extra activities, side projects, cleaning etc. Spending time unwinding is a sign of laziness and boredom and intelligent people are never bored. This really messed me up and I’m still learning the art of wasting time.” –GlossyCinnamon

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9. Parents know whats ok, at most.

“‘Parents always know what’s best for their child.” –meeseri

10. This one’s true.

“One of my friend’s grandfather told him that giraffes have long necks to reach over the zoo wall to eat children.” –Sandpaper_Pants

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11. All of this

1. Everything will be OK.

2. Tell me the truth I won’t be mad.

3. You’re handsome.

4. The dog went with the mailman.” RIP Hazel. –RAPTORFORESKIN

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12. Only in baseball.

“That crying is shameful.” –kirby_-_main

13. The leading cause of penis-phobia.

“That I would get pregnant as soon as I had sex. Told me that as a teenager, so I was terrified I’d get pregnant every time I interacted with a penis. Now (a decade later), I’m married and have been actually trying and it turns it out it’s not as easy as they made it sound.” –emilyyy712

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14. No worms, only tummy-aches.

“Eating cookies before dinner gives you worms. Had nightmares as a child.” –nalanajo

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15. “Suffering” for love

“That you have to “suffer for love” (I’m a chick). Thanks mom, you set me up for a lifetime of trying to change narcissistic losers.” –bailey052211

16. Better than hearing your parents tell you you’re a loser.

“You don’t need friends.” –ProfPrettyboy

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17. I still find most of these things awkward to discuss.

“That sex, sexuality, drinking/drugs/partying, politics, money, spirituality are awkward things to discuss. I want my future kids to know facts and that if they are ever in trouble, I am a safe place for them. We don’t have to talk about it if they don’t want to, they’ll be taught how to be safe, but they should also know that these subjects are a part of life and should not cause shame.” –blahblah_blah16

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18. Every old man’s ultimate trigger.

“That it is illegal to have the little ceiling light on in the car.” –gayish_child

19. No locked doors in this house!

“My mum made me believe that privacy was a privilege. Wasn’t until I started studying childcare and learning in depth about the rights of the child that I learned it is a right and that my mum is full of bullsh*t.” –alexander_the_awsome

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20. To which we say… Ok, BoOmEr!

“YoUr GeNeRaTiOn Is LaZy, WhY cAnT yOu Be LiKe Us.” –u_dont_know_who