‘Wingmom’—Mother With Cancer Takes Out A Billboard To Find Her Daughter A Boyfriend

Molly and Beth Davis

Dating app Wingman is helping a mom diagnosed with cancer see her daughter down the aisle. By putting out a giant ad in Times Square.

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Beth Davis is playing wingman for her daughter, Molly. In an ad that reads, “Date my daughter,” Beth is letting all of New York (and those visiting it) know her daughter is looking for a male suitor.

The partnership is a bittersweet one, as Beth was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer in 2020. (She received her first breast cancer diagnosis in 2004.) It has since spread to her bones and, wanting to see Molly walk down the aisle before her time comes, Beth is bringing some large attention to her daughter’s marital status.

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Attention that’s in the form of 47-by-25-foot billboard.

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The ad features an image of Molly, with Beth’s approval right below it.

“There was a little more urgency to see my daughter settled with a wonderful man,” Beth told reporters.

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As for Molly, the experience is surreal.

“It’s such a trip,” she said. “Especially up there next to Gen-Z icon Olivia Rodrigo. It’s just crazy.”

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It’s the kind of partnership that’s perfect for Wingman, which allows people to choose potential partners for their friends and loved ones. Beth learned about the app and created a profile for Molly, which got the attention of Wingman Founder Tina Wilson, who arranged the billboard in Times Square.

“She still is focused with love and attention for her daughter and so I wanted to help her accelerate that search and find someone great,” Wilson said.

And while Molly has yet to connect with someone as of this writing, she likes to see her mom enjoy the process.

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“I’m letting my mom have the fun of filtering through profiles and responses,” Molly said. “I value a relationship like that of my parents, where they talk things over and reach for high degrees of kindness.”