Parents Of Record-Breaking Waterskiing Baby Come Under Fire For Stunt

When my son was six-months-old, I was really excited to find out that he could worm his way across the floor. But some parents want more, I guess. Casey and Mindi Humphreys decided that their six-month-old son was ready for waterskiing, and now the couple is getting some backlash for the stunt that got their son Rich a world record for the youngest person ever to waterski. 

Rich’s waterskiing stunt saw him beat the world record by 23 days. And some people are applauding the “accomplishment” while others are angry that Rich’s parents put their son in danger in order to achieve fame.

In the video, Rich can be seen wearing a life vest, strapped into small foot holds on the board, and holding a large handle. The Humphreys said the boat was going about five miles per hour and that Casey remained by his son’s side the entire time.

“We had a separate boat out there,” the father said, adding that they had “10 to 12 people with us, including doctors and nurses.”

The video of Rich quickly went viral after it garnered the attention of Barstool Sports, which shared the video on its page. Dad Casey also shared the clip, saying: “Six months four days. Take one look at this kid and tell me he isn’t having the time of his life! Such a little stud.” 

Please, for the love of everything sacred, do not call your child a “stud.” Ever. 

Some folks were shocked that Rich’s parents thought it was a good idea to strap a six-month-old to a board and pull him behind a boat. They called the video “reckless” and “irresponsible” and said that watching the video gave them anxiety. Others praised the parents for starting Rich on the water at a young age: “You are such great parents teaching your beautiful little boy how awesome adventure is,” one posted. 

“I really feel like the majority of criticism comes from people caring and people just being concerned and wanting the best for our child,” Mindi Humphreys told Good Morning America. “So honestly we appreciate that.”